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You Can Now Camp Overnight At The Toronto Zoo

It includes after-hours access to see animals.

If you can never get enough of the loveable creatures roaming around the zoo, you now have a chance to hang out there overnight.

You can sleep under the stars at the Toronto Zoo's new campsites, which includes a self-guided camping adventure and after-hours access to the Canadian Domain and African Savanna zones.

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Earliest availability at the new campsites

The cost for a group of one to three people is $185 plus HST, but there's a lot included. 

In addition to the campsite and the chance to do some exploring on your own, the price includes dinner and a light breakfast snack.

Soon, you will also be able to upgrade your camping experience by renting a bat detector and access to Terra Lumina, the zoo's enchanting illuminated trail

You can go to the Toronto Zoo's website to reserve your campsite.