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Toronto's Pfizer Vaccine Dose Supply Will Be Temporarily Cut By Up To 80%

The city's new vaccine clinic will pause operations after just five days.

After just over a month in circulation, Toronto's Pfizer vaccine dose supply is expected to drop in the coming weeks.

Dr. Eileen de Villa said on Monday that dose shipments will decrease by 20% to 80% over the next four weeks, while the Pfizer site in Norway upgrades its capacity for production.

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The fact that we are going to have to pause only after the first week is very disappointing. Chief Matthew Pegg

Because of this, Chief Pegg says Toronto's brand new vaccine clinic at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will pause operations at the of the day on January 22.

"We will only be able to operate this proof-of-concept clinic for an initial five days due to a lack of availability of COVID-19 vaccine," said Pegg.

"Anyone who successfully scheduled an appointment to receive their first dose [...] beyond this Friday will be advised directly," he explained.

Appointments on or after January 23 will be cancelled until further notice.

However, Pegg assured Torontonians that second-dose appointments won't be impacted at this time.

Toronto isn't alone in this hurdle; Canada's Pfizer-BioNTech supply will be reduced by approximately 50% during this time period, reports CTV News.

Toronto Is Changing Vaccine Certificate Rules For Indoor Sports This Fall

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If you're unvaccinated and playing an indoor sport, you might not be for long.

Toronto Public Health announced on Friday that individuals 12 years or older will need to show proof of vaccination to participate in indoor sports starting November 1.

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That's the dream behind a new wave of drugs that are being tested right now, as three big pharma companies appear to be closing in on a morning after COVID pill that you can take at home.

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Ontario's ​Vaccine Passport Can Be Saved On Your Phone & Here's How I Did It In 5 Minutes

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Starting Wednesday, September 22, Ontarians are expected to show their proof of vaxx to enter certain non-essential businesses and settings. However, because enhanced vaccine certificates with QR codes won't come into effect in the province until October 22, a team of volunteer software engineers and medical professionals created a tool that lets you store your proof of vaccination on your phone with a QR code.

"No personal data is sent to the internet. [The] QR code is for verification only, with no personal info," the team behind the tool told CTV News.

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BC Says There Will Be Absolutely No Exemptions For Its Vaccine Passport

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If you plan on going to restaurants, concerts, or sporting events in B.C. this fall, you'll need to make sure you bring your vaccine passport, or you won't be able to attend.

On Monday, August 23, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced via video conference that the province will start using vaccine cards on September 13. The card will be necessary to gain admittance to a variety of activities including movies, gyms, and weddings.

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