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Watering Can Flower Market In Ontario Is Open Again For Brunch And It's So Dreamy

But first, we brunch. If you’re looking for unbe-leaf-able brunch spots near Toronto, then you need to visit The Watering Can Flower Market in Ontario. They’ve recently reopened their outdoor patio and the menu is sure to have you drooling. 

At their Vineland, Ont., location this whimsical flower and pastry market has everything you need for a perfect weekend brunch date. 

Currently, you can enjoy fluffy waffles topped with fresh local strawberries and refreshing ice cream sundaes to cool you down in the stifling summer heat. 

The outdoor patio has socially distanced tables set up amidst a sea of succulents, monsteras, and other greenery that will speak to your plant-loving heart. 

And if you’d prefer to take your succulents and snacks to go, they also offer a mouth-watering takeout menu where you can enjoy a variety of pastries, including these adorable mini egg baked goods. 


Lunch and dessert menu items will be available on the patio from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

According to a post on the market’s Instagram, reservations are not required. However, you will be limited to a group of six people.

So, grab your five BFFs and let them know it’s brunch time!

If your appetite for new plants is never satiated, then you’ll adore the wide selection of rare and unusual greenery that’s growing here as well. 

You can expect to see everything from Hoyas to pineapple plants and every gorgeous green baby in between.

And if you’re driving in from out of town, you can call ahead to pay for and reserve plants before they’re all sold out. 

A quick peek at their Instagram page will give you a good idea of what’s available, or you can simply head to the online shop page on their website.

The Vineland market is open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.

So, grab your brunch bunch, because we're going to the market.

The Watering Can Flower Market

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Pastries + lunch

Address: 3711 King St., Vineland, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy an outdoor brunch date with your bestie while surrounded by beautiful plants.

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