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York University Prof Gets Called Out For Insensitive Emails To Student In Myanmar

York says the professor's words don't reflect the school's values.

A York University instructor came under fire this week over his email exchange with a student located in Myanmar who was seeking an exam deferral. 

The emails, which have been shared widely on social media, show mathematics professor Emanoil Theodorescu harshly criticizing the request.

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In the email, the student explained that a countrywide communications blackout would prevent him from accessing Wi-Fi due to a military coup in Myanmar, to which the professor replied, "Even the internet came down with COVID-19?"

York University issued a statement about the exchange on Thursday, in which they confirmed the student was granted accommodations and that the professor's conduct did not reflect their values.

"While employment matters are confidential, we can confirm that appropriate actions were immediately initiated upon learning of the exchange," the school wrote. 

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