Are you ready to visit international destinations once again? Travel to Greece from Canada is finally allowed again after we made the list of safe countries. Flights are already available if you want to pack your bags and jet off.

As of July 1, people from the True North are able to fly to Greece again.

That's because all of the country's airports are accepting flights from all places except for those that are still seriously affected by COVID-19 based on European Union guidelines.

Canada made the list of countries that travel restrictions should be lifted for that the European Union put out earlier in the week.

So, people can book a flight if they feel up to doing so.

Air Canada already has ones available to a bunch of Greek destinations like Athens, Mykonos and Kos.

However, if you're planning on travelling to the Mediterranean country, you have to fill out a Passenger Locator Form at least 48 hours before you fly in.

You have to include details about where you're coming from, how long you've stayed in other countries before arriving and the address of where you're staying in Greece.

There are other protocols in place like COVID-19 testing in the airports, using masks and maintaining physical distancing.

The European Union released a safe list on June 30.

It's about which countries member states can start lifting restrictions for.

Canada made that list along with 13 other countries including Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Uruguay.

The list will be updated every two weeks and countries can be added on or taken off.

When Greece first announced that it would be reopening its borders to tourists, the country put out a list of that people can travel from.

Canada didn't make the cut at that time.

Other countries have been letting tourists in including Iceland, Italy, The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

Though the federal government has been reminding people that there is still a global travel advisory in place until further notice despite the reopenings.