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As Arizona continues to see a rise in COVID-19 cases, the state is taking action to prevent the spread. Tucson's face mask mandate will require everyone over the age of two to wear a face-covering in public. If you refuse, you could be in for a civil penalty. 

On June 18, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero mandated that everyone within the city is required to wear a face-covering.

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People all over the country are protesting in unison over the death of George Floyd. In response to demonstrations throughout the state, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero shared insight on how the city will respond. In a tweet shared on June 2, Romero made it clear that military force is not needed at this time.

The mayor of Tucson posted the following to her Twitter page on Tuesday, writing, "At this time, I am not requesting the national guard or any military presence in the @cityoftucson."

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One community in Arizona was gripped with an unexpected tree trimming issue on Wednesday afternoon. The Tucson Fire Department responded to a call after a man found himself stuck in a massive palm tree he was trimming. Thankfully, he was set free and transferred to a hospital after. 

"Tree trimming is not easy, and certainly hazardous! We’re glad we could be there to help," the Tucson Fire Department wrote on its Twitter post

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