Two Moms' McDonald's Dessert Hack Has TikTokers Split & Here's How To Do It Yourself

Too much or not enough? 🍦

Six ice cream cones in a plastic container. Right: Someone holding fries over the mushed up icecream.

Six ice cream cones in a plastic container. Right: Someone holding fries over the mushed up icecream.

We all have our own little fast food hacks, tips and customizations, but a recently viral TikTok showing the McDonald's hack invented by two moms seems to be a revelation or a bridge too far for some.

A TikToker known as janelleandkate posted a video 5 days ago showing a massive McDonald's ice cream trick that has amassed over 10 million views, hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments.

The video shows the two food influencers turning six soft-serve ice cream cones upside down into a large plastic dish.

After that, the two crushed the cones with plastic spoons before adding three McDonald's cookies, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

A real hodge-podge of McDonald's sweetness that would cost you roughly $19.20 for the ice cream, fries and cookies, and that's before you bring your own sprinkles, container and get that special side of fudge.

They make it clear you can either eat it up with a spoon or, if you like the savoury and the sweet to comingle, you can dip those iconic McDonald's french fries into it.


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And with something as extra as this, you know it's going to cause some passionate responses from those revolted and those attracted by it.

"You lost me at the French fries," said one of the top commenters.

"(putting sweet things) meh that looks good... (French fries) NO. NO. IT'S HELL," remarked another.

Another, joking about the constant breakdowns within the McDonald's kitchen, said, "Hold up…. the ice creamer maker was working??"

A TikToker accurately stated that "it just kept getting more chaotic" the longer the video went on. And it does! The longer the video goes, the more wacky things get.

But not everyone was put off by it, as there are thousands of comments from users saying how much they want to try it.

"This is my ideal retirement plan," wrote one user.

"At no point did I know where this was going, but I'm HERE FOR IT," said another.

So, if you're feeling adventurous, get a few of your friends together and whip up this absolutely bonkers dessert and see if it's worth the hype.

It's hard to go wrong with McDonald's soft serve on a hot summer's day.

Tristan Wheeler
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