One airline is looking to give back to the health care workers who have worked endlessly to save lives and help others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

United Airlines will be celebrating 40 Years of MileagePlus this month, and in order to recognize the milestone, its offering one million miles to four carefully selected health care workers.

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United customers are invited to nominate healthcare workers from their communities they feel have gone above and beyond throughout the pandemic. Health care workers who feel they deserve the prize can also nominate themselves.

In order to qualify, the candidate must "embody some of United's core values," including making "the world a safer place for everyone around them," showing "appreciation for all members of their community by being welcoming, kind, and compassionate," and being "the person you can rely on for anything, big or small."

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself, you should submit a short explanation of why you believe yourself or the health care worker deserves the reward by May 15 and it will be reviewed by a panel of expert judges.