Over the past several months, you may have gotten familiar with Vaccine Hunters Canada, a website and social media account focused on helping eligible Canadians find COVID-19 vaccines in their areas.

While they have proved to be extremely helpful for tons of people, as more Canadians get their doses they're beginning to realize they may not need their old friend Vaccine Hunters anymore.

People are starting to take to Twitter to formally break up with Vaccine Hunters but it seems like they're not quite ready to let go.

Breaking up over Twitter

"Well that is the end of beautiful relationship @VaxHuntersCan Family is all double dosed and time to break up . Hope to never see you again," wrote someone named Jim. "Jim, gone so soon? You are welcome to stick around and like and share our posts so your friends and followers see the information that might help them get their shots!" the Vaccine Hunters Canada account replied.

"I am thrilled that I am about to delete your posts from my twitter feed. It's thanks to you that I am fully vaxed! Thank you for all you have been doing these past months!" someone else tweeted. Of course, the vaccine-finding account responded, saying that they're welcome to stick around to share info with their friends.

Another Canadian shared a GIF of Elmo dancing in a party hat with the caption "I can officially unfollow @VaxHuntersCan #vaccinated." They responded appropriately with another Elmo GIF saying "Elmo says stay a while longer!"

What's next for Vaccine Hunters Canada?

With all of these very public breakups rolling in, we're left to wonder what will come of Vaccine Hunters Canada. Not to worry, a couple of bright Canadians have some ideas for what they can hunt for next.

"Are @VaxHuntersCan going to pivot to finding us all haircuts or?" one person asked.

"Is there a vaccine hunters but for air conditioners in Vancouver?" asked one Vancouverite who is clearly melting in the heatwave.