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Conservative MP's Vaccine Petition Is The Most Signed One On The Site & Trudeau Responded

Trudeau assures any vaccine Canadians get will be safe.

Justin Trudeau has responded to a vaccine petition orchestrated by a fellow Canadian politician against the COVID-19 candidates.

The petition currently has over 26,000 signatures on the House of Commons website.

The politician behind the move was Derek Sloan, a Canadian MP who was elected in the House of Commons of Canada in 2019 and is against the vaccine. 

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No corners cut. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

In a December 4 press conference, Trudeau assured Canadians that there will be "no corner's cut" and that Canadians can trust that any vaccine they receive will be safe.

The petition in question, laid out by Sloan, makes reference to the COVID-19 vaccine as being rushed and having standard protocols waived.

It claims that those that manufacture the vaccine will be given legal immunity and will not be held responsible for the effects of its products.

Patty Hajdu, Canada's Minister of Health, chimed in after the prime minister and said that the movement is full of misinformation and is downright fear-driven.      

Additionally, she said that it is sad to see political figures spreading false narratives since 'vaccine hesitancy' is already an uphill battle for Canadians.