Why go on a hike to see one lake when you can see five? The Valley of the Five Lakes trail near Jasper is epic and it'll definitely give you the most bang for your buck. The entire trail will take you to five different emerald lakes and it'll only take you about two hours to complete. Trust us, you will want to bring your camera.

Jasper, Alberta has some of the best views in the entire province. 

People travel from far and wide to get a glimpse of the staggering mountains, emerald lakes, and plentiful wildlife. Now that national parks are open, we can finally take in all the glorious views. 

One of the best trails in the area is the Valley of the Five Lakes. 

We know what you're thinking and yes, there are five lakes on this hike. 

The 4.5-kilometre trail is located super close to Jasper. Considered to be moderate in difficulty, this hiking path is super easy to get to.

The trailhead is located along the Icefields Parkway. If you haven’t driven this beautiful stretch yet, you're in for a treat. 

Take your time getting there because the drive alone will take your breath away. 

There is a parking lot right at the trailhead that has tons of room. 

You'll be starting your journey in the parking lot and the first body of water you'll see is the Wabasso Creek. There will be a bridge for you to cross over. 

As you walk, there may be some loose rocks and with varying elevation so it’s best to wear some sturdy shoes. 

While each body of water you will encounter is gorgeous, the fan favourites are the third and fourth. 

Each lake glimmers a different shade of blue or green but the two middle lakes are the brightest. 

Instagram is filled with pictures of the trail and it’s hard to believe that a body of water could be this bright, let alone five. 

This hike can be enjoyed at any time of year but it’s the best in the summertime. That's when everything will be in full bloom and the water will be at its brightest. 

If you choose to go in the spring or winter, proper footwear is a must as mud and snow can make the terrain slippery. 

There is wildlife in the area so if you’re going to be taking snacks, be sure to clean up after yourself. You wouldn’t want to attract any tagalongs. 

Altogether the hike should only take a couple of hours but take your time. These naturally formed wonders deserve your undivided attention. 

Valley of the Five Lakes

Address: Jasper, AB

Why You Need To Go: It's the ultimate trail if you're looking for the best views without having to spend the entire day getting to them. 

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