13 Most Aesthetic Cafés And Coffee Shops In Vancouver

Perfect for finals season!
13 Most Aesthetic Cafés And Coffee Shops In Vancouver

Coffee shops are cozy havens and we're lucky that Vancouver has no shortage of aesthetic cafes and world-class coffee that are sure to please. Sick of hitting up the same cafe every day? Why not go on a coffee shop exploration around the city? 

Plus right now it's finals season, when there's never enough caffeine and the stress feels like it never ends. We can't make your exams go away, but we can help you (hopefully) have a better experience cramming.

Take some time to go to these aesthetic and cozy cafes that may just give you the mental refresh and boost you needed. Hey, you never know, a good working environment may do wonders for your motivation — worth a shot and if it doesn't work at least you'll get some cute Insta pics. So go kill your finals Vancouverites, you've got this and we're rooting for ya! 

Buddha-Full Provisions

Where: 102-2120 Dollarton Hwy // North Vancouver

Swing your stresses away at this adorable cafe with an indoor swing set. Buddha-Full is filled with yummy organic, vegan, gluten-free and raw goods like smoothie bowls to help you get through that study sesh.  

Nectar Juicery 

Where: 3633 Main St // East Vancouver

Get some energy for your study sesh. Nectar Juicery has 100 percent organic, cold-pressed juices to bring you those healthy vibes. 

La Foret 

Where: 6848 Jubilee Ave // Burnaby

Get some tropical vibes to remind you that summer will come after finals! The indoor garden at La Foret is so adorable and will bring all the calming greenery needed during finals season. 

Field & Social 

Where: 415 Dunsmuir St // Downtown

Get some wood, marble and lecture notes on the gram to let everyone know you study with style. This isn't your average cafe with cookies and cappuccinos. Field & Socials offers some of the healthiest and most wholesome, but freaking delicious, salads you'll ever digested. Ditch the milk and sugar and opt for something that's much better for you and your body.

Finch's Tea House 

Where: 353 W Pender St // Downtown

Not a coffee drinker? There's still an adorable cafe for you. Finch's is a cozy tearoom serving up loose-leaf brews and organic coffee. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even see Cole Sprouse (he's been spotted here before!).  

Savary Island Pie Co. 

Where: 1533 Marine Dr

Make your study sesh much sweeter at this pie haven in West Vancouver. This hidden gem is especially perfect if you don't want to run into anyone while you're studying (unless you're from West Van that is).

The Birds & The Beets

Where: 55 Powell St // Gastown

Not only is this one of the cutest cafes in Gastown, but their avo toast is pure deliciousness — so what are you waiting for? Adorable pics and yummy food await you at this cafe filled with exposed brick walls and plenty of greenery.

Nelson The Seagull 

Where: 315 Carrall St // Gastown

If you love freshly baked bread (and who doesn't), you will love Nelson The Seagull. They make delicious house-made sourdough, which is the perfect base for avo toast. The cafe is a perfect balance of quiet and busy enough so that it's not dead quiet and full of outlets. 

Republica Coffee Roasters

Where: 321 W Pender St // Downtown

A private brick-wall courtyard for studying? Don't mind if I do... Republica Coffee Roasters has home-roasted coffee from Fort Langley and is located in Gastown.

Olive + Ruby 

Where: 2839 W Broadway // Kitsilano

This cafe in Kitsilano has all the makings of an aesthetically pleasing place – potted plants line the wall on one side and a colourful mural on the other. Oh and there's even two indoor swing sets so we're pretty sold. 

49th Parallel 

Where: 2198 West 4th Ave // Kitsilano

This is a classic cafe stop in Vancouver and for good reason. The coffee is excellent and the patio space is adorable. Turquoise blue always looks good on Instagram and 49th knows it. 


Where: 325 Cambie St // Gastown

This Gastown staple is aesthetic inside and out (literally). The steps leading to the cafe are the perfect backdrop for a #ootd shot and the inside has a beautiful minimalistic wall map. Not to mention, the coffee is top notch with a rotating menu from world-class roasters in North America and internationally. 

Caffè Di Beppe 

Where: 8 W Cordova St // Gastown

This newcomer to the Gastown cafe scene has come in strong with it's top notch coffee and interior design. There's even an Italian restaurant tucked behind the cafe so this place knows what's good. 

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