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Vancouver's Mercury Mystery Deepens As The City Has Cleaned Up Four Spills Recently

The toxic substance has been found in public places.

A mysterious spree of mercury spills in Vancouver has seen crews respond to assess and clean up the hazardous materials at least four times in recent weeks.

The first three were all found a few days apart in different locations in Stanley Park, but the most recent one was right downtown on Monday, October 5.

Narcity reached VPD who said that investigators were looking at whether all the recent mercury incidents were linked.

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On Tuesday, September 29, the Hazardous Material Team went to respond to the public bathrooms beneath the Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant and Brewpub.

The first spill happened nearby on September 16, at the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt said Jonathan Gormick from Vancouver Fire Rescue Services.

Another happened at Second Beach nearby, and at each spill, they "secure the scene, assess the extent of the problem, stabilize the situation if necessary, and depending on the size of the spill, we clean it up or bring in a contractor," said Gormick.

Most recently on October 5, they responded to a similar incident, this time to a spot on West Hastings Street in Downtown Vancouver.

VFRS says that if you find spilled mercury that you're should not touch it at all and instead give 911 a call.

*This article has been updated.