This Riverfront House For Sale In BC Is In A Breathtaking Location & It Has Its Own Orchard

You can settle into a green way of life! 🌱

Home on the property. Right: River beside the property.
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Home on the property. Right: River beside the property.

This home for sale in B.C. is an absolute hidden gem for people looking to practice a more sustainable way of living.

The riverfront home is for sale in Bella Coola, B.C., and it comes with eight acres of land right next to a stunning river.

The home was built all the way back in 1896 but has since had a modern and green makeover so you'll still have WiFi and electric heat if you need it.

The home from above.The home from above.LandQuest

If you have always dreamed of starting your own orchard, the property also comes with a vegetable and berry garden as well as pear, apple, cherry, plum hazelnut and walnut trees.

Fruit trees in the yard.Fruit trees in the yard.LandQuest

Basically, all the hard work is already done for you so that you can start living self-sufficiently from the get-go.

The kitchen provides a ton of natural lighting and if you're planning on baking some apple pies, you can do it in an adorable vintage-style oven.

The kitchen in the home.The kitchen in the home.LandQuest

There is also a huge private soaker tub located in the bathroom to relax and unwind after a hard day out in the garden. It's like your own private spa retreat in your very own home.

Soaker tub.Soaker tub.LandQuest

This home is small but super unique. In one bedroom, there are even wooden climbing walls to get to the bunk beds.

Wooden climbing walls and bunk beds.Wooden climbing walls and bunk beds.LandQuest

It's the perfect home for a chilled-out lifestyle that's also pretty sustainable too.

Sustainable Riverfront Home

\u200bThe river beside the home.

The river beside the home.


Price: $589,900

Address: Hagensborg., Bella Coola, BC


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