After a remarkably chill and relaxed summer in B.C., the province will finally get slammed with its first real heat of the season.

On Sunday, July 26 multiple heat warnings and special weather statements blanketed the provinces as temperatures of more than 30 C are expected around the southern half of B.C.

A ridge of high pressure building over southern BC will produce the highest temperatures experienced so far this summer over the Lower Mainland, Sea to Sky, and Vancouver Island.

Government of Canada Public Weather Alerts

The City of Vancouver has a special weather statement in effect that warns that Sunday, July 26 and and Monday, July 27 will see temperatures climb to the low 30's. 

You can check the full list of alerts online and there are plenty of tips to help keep you safe and cool as the mercury rises.

Other regions of the province including the Okanagan Valley have heat warnings where it's expected to get up to at least 35 C this week.

Via Government of Canada