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This Wild VIP Bar Hidden Inside A $28M House Makes Vancouver Feel Like Vegas

These interiors are so extra. 💰

You'll always be on the VIP list at this opulent Vancouver house for sale that comes with a private cocktail lounge.

Downstairs, hidden in the basement, there's a full bar, double fireplaces, velvet lounge area, pool table, and sparkling chandeliers everywhere.

bc house for sale Century 21

There is also a movie theatre, gym, and indoor swimming pool nicer than most spas on the same floor.

Everywhere you look in this seven-bedroom home, there is a new stunning feature like the built-in microgreen garden.

While the exterior is an entertainer's paradise with a pizza oven, waterfalls, glowing LED lights, and a hot tub — but you'll want to hang out in your own private club popping champagne on the weekends for sure.

Home With A Private Cocktail Bar

Price: $28,880,000

Address: 438 W. 32nd Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: With a pad this nice, you won't ever want to leave your front door.

bc house for sale Century 21

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