Take us to the water, please! One of the best ways to enjoy a sunny day is spending time next to the splashing waves. But you don't always need to put on your bathing suit to have an incredible time. This hidden B.C. beach boardwalk trail leads to surreal honeycomb caves.

Without a doubt, you've probably seen countless dreamy photos of Vancouver Island's coasts. But this easy hiking trail in Nanaimo at Jack Point and Biggs Park is an off-the-radar spot you will want to see first hand.

The 2.5-kilometre walking path is flat most of the way as you walk over a wooden boardwalk that hugs the coastline.

Step after step, the scenery will get even better.

You'll be able to look out onto the glistening Nanaimo River, where you might see playful sea lions and seals, or even a graceful blue heron.

The boardwalk will eventually lead you towards unique rock formations that look out of this world.

When you think of caves, you probably picture dark, damp and tons of bats flying overhead. But this area isn't a creepy spot at all, in fact, it is pretty cute.

Instead, there are several small caverns dotted along the trail. Many of them are rather shallow, so they are filled with golden sunlight.

But unlike the smooth walls, you'd expect they have a honeycomb-like design.

Between all the wildlife, and the natural land art you are going to have so much eye-candy to enjoy.

But if you can time it correctly, ending your stroll at Jack Point, you'll get to enjoy a fantastic sunset viewing spot.

Round trip to the tip of Jack Point will take you roughly one to two hours, depending on how quickly you go.

It is time to grab your car keys as you'll want to enjoy this adventure for yourself.

Jack Point and Biggs Park

Address: 501 Duke Point Hwy., Nanaimo, BC

Why You Need To Go: Mesmerizing honeycomb caves are the reward for this beautiful oceanfront walk.

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