Ever dream of living in that cute fishing town by the coast? If you've got the cash, this enormous B.C. private island lets you skip the middleman and buy the whole village instead. Not only does it include a huge mansion, but it also comes with enough cottages to make your own seaside town.

According to its listing, the crown jewel of the enormous island is a massive 13,000 square foot mansion.

But if that's not enough room, the island is also dotted with a bunch of small cabins that make it feel like a little settlement.

The 75-acre island is split into two halves; the north and the south. The 45-acre North Island is dominated by the enormous residential mansion with all its amenities.

We're talking six bedrooms, six fireplaces, a home theatre, bar, billiard room, and more to keep you lush with luxury. A stone deck winds all around the main home so you can sunbathe while getting your morning cardio workout.

And, in case you're somehow still low on room, the main house also comes with two built-in two-bedroom apartments. You could house every one of your friends with you.

Engel & Völkers

Then, there's also the South Island, which the listing said has 30 acres of "farm-like" setting, with a 6,100 square foot "equestrian barn," a boathouse and dock, and even a hanger for floatplanes.

Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers

This island's east and west coasts are lined with cabins so there is enough room for you to populate your village with your extended family if you wanted.

There's even a giant organic garden that could feed the household for the summer.

Engel & Völkers

No wonder this place is going for a cool $25 million. But with everything that this home comes with, it might just be worth cracking the piggy bank for.

Island Mansion

Price: $25,675,000

Address: Desolation Sound, BC

Description: This enormous private island comes with enough housing to make Vancouver jealous.

Engel & Völkers

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