A White Man Randomly Attacked A Black Man On A BC Bus & Police Are On The Lookout

Police are trying to find him.
A White Man Randomly Attacked A Black Man On A BC Bus & Police Are On The Lookout

B.C. Police are on the lookout. On Wednesday, July 1, Victoria Police Department announced that they're investigating an assault that took place on a bus recently. A white man allegedly assaulted a young Black man in what's being described as a "potential hate crime," in Victoria

According to Victoria Police's statement, the assault occurred shortly after 4 p.m. on Friday, June 19. 

"Officers are asking for your help as they work to identify a man who randomly attacked a young Black man on a BC Transit bus," the statement began. 

It goes to mention that patrol officers roaming the area were called over by two guys "in the 1100-block of Johnson Street."

"One of the men told officers he had just been randomly struck by a man he did not know while on a BC Transit bus," read the statement. 

The man's injuries weren't life-threatening and he didn't need medical help.  

Officers looked into it further and discovered that a camera had captured the events on the bus. The video wasn't attached to the statement and therefore not available to the public as of yet.

Though, the police did release photos. 

According to the police, the video shows the victim coming onto the bus and heading towards a seat when someone stood up and hit him. 

"Those nearby on the bus intervene and the suspect is pushed off the bus," added the statement. 

The police are now making a public plea to help them track down the suspect. He has been described in the statement as a "Caucasian man."

He's likely between 40 to 50 years old and his built is being described between medium and heavy. He has blond hair. 

At the time of the bus assault, he was wearing sunglasses, a black hat with an undisclosed logo on it, a blue shirt with a logo, light-coloured shorts, black shoes, and white socks. 

The statement also included two images of the suspect as he was standing on the bus. 

They also said that any further investigation is "required to determine potential charges for recommendation to Crown."