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This Giant Panda Family In The US Had The Best Time Experiencing The Snow (VIDEO)

The five month old cub seemed to love it! 🐼❄️
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Giant Panda Family In The Snow Had The Best Time Rolling, Sliding & Tumbling (VIDEO)

A video showing a giant panda family in the snow has gone viral, after the furry bears were spotted rolling, sliding and tumbling at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington D.C.

In a video shared on Sunday, January 31, the zoo’s giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, and their five-month-old cub Xiao Qi Ji, can be seen truly making the most of the winter season.

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The clip shows each of the three pandas exploring the snowy wonderland, making snow-slides and practicing their roly-poly skills.

Many parts of Washington D.C. saw between two and three inches of snow over the weekend, which is the most significant snowfall seen in the region in around two years.

In another post showing the animals embracing the weather, the zoo explained that it was a “significant milestone” for their youngest giant panda cub as it was his first-ever encounter with the white slush.

"Keepers say although he seemed nervous at first, eventually he worked up the courage to take a little nip at the fresh powder,” the zoo's notice explained.

In addition to Xiao Qi Ji, more photos from the weekend show animals like elephants, red pandas, bobcats, tigers and even a kangaroo embracing the weather!

If that wasn’t enough giant panda action for you, the zoo has an ongoing live stream of the furry family on their website. Pretty cute, eh?!

    Helena Hanson
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