Do you absolutely hate taking the stairs? If so, there's a home for sale in Whistler, B.C., that's got just what you need. The mansion has a fancy elevator that'll transport you from the garage to the rooftop patio. Forget about those steps, let's talk luxury. 

This gorgeous property is in the heart of Whistler and is just minutes away from the town centre where you can access all the stores and restaurants, according to the listing

Being the ski capital of B.C., you can rest assured that the views from your home are going to be divine from every corner.

This massive 2,660-square-foot home has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. If at any point you feel like you've had enough of one bedroom, you can just hop into another. The experience will be just as luxurious and comfortable. 

The interior is so spacious and chic that it looks like it could be a listing on Selling Sunset.

If you're into kitchen islands, funky staircases (don't worry, there are still stairs), and panoramic windows, then this crib is perfect for you. 

The highlight of the home is definitely the rooftop patio. 

With a 1,200-square-foot outdoor deck, you have all the space in the world to dance around, have epic parties, or just gaze out at the mountains nearby.

Douglas Treleaven | RE/MAX

It's the best lookout you could possibly get to without strapping your hiking boots. 

It also has a hot tub, so you can wind down in the best way after a day at the hill. 

Just imagine stargazing while resting in the hot tub or laying down on one of the patio couches. It's like being on vacation 24/7. 

Douglas Treleaven | RE/MAX

Plus, the elevator does give this home some serious hotel vibes. If you need to grab snacks from the fridge, you can just ride down. If you need to get to your car super quick, just press the button and voila. 

Speaking of the garage, it's pretty fabulous in its own right. Complete with an electric car charger, heat pumps, and a cozy fireplace, your car will be living just as large as you are. 

Douglas Treleaven | RE/MAX

Whether you're looking to splash your cash on a spectacular dream home nestled within one of British Columbia's most beloved towns or you just want to browse through photos in temptation, this home should check all your boxes. 

Four-Bedroom Home In Whistler

Price: $3,299,000

Address: 8219 Mountain View Dr., Whistler, B.C.

Description: A wonderful dream home that's got four bedrooms and a spectacular rooftop patio with elevator access. 

Douglas Treleaven | RE/MAX

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