Manitoba Homicide Suspect On The Run Almost Made It Across Ontario Before He Got Caught

He evaded arrest for almost a week and over 2,000 kilometres.

Eric Wildman Was Finally Caught 2,000 km Away In Ontario
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Manitoba RCMP announced that Eric Wildman, a suspect in a homicide case, has been caught in Ontario.

On Twitter, police said that Wildman was taken into custody by Ontario Provincial Police at around 5:30 a.m. CT on June 18. He was apprehended at a residence just outside of Belleville, which is about two hours east of Toronto.

A previous update from Manitoba RCMP on June 17 said officers were searching for Wildman in Manitoba's Whiteshell area. The distance from there to Belleville is over 2,000 kilometres.

Police have been looking for Wildman since June 12, when he was identified as possibly having information relating to the disappearance of 40-year-old Clifford Joseph. A day later, police found firearms, tactical equipment, police patches and items resembling police clothing during a search of Wildman's vehicle.

Wildman became a suspect in the homicide of Joseph on June 14. Throughout the search, police considered him to be armed and dangerous.

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