A Woman Refused To Pay On A Date After Her BF Ruined Her Food Pics & The Verdict Is 'Dump Him'

"Keep the food, ditch the boyfriend."

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A foodie taking a picture of plates of food. Right: A couple paying at a restaurant.

A foodie taking a picture of plates of food. Right: A couple paying at a restaurant.

Food bloggers, better known as "Foodies," are always quick to have their cameras out when dishes are served at restaurants to later post their pics on Instagram or blog. However, holding up the rest of the table from digging into their meal has become a point of contention for one couple.

Redditor u/CapitalMess100 took r/AmItheAsshole to ask if she, a foodie with an IG, is an a**hole for refusing to pay for her boyfriend's meal after he purposefully messed up their food as she was taking pictures of it.

She explained how her foodie-grams aren't a "whole photoshoot production," but rather it's a hobby dear to her as she enjoys sharing posts about food from local spots around her city. The thing is, her boyfriend "HATES" it, so much so that she had to talk to him about it.

"I had to sit him down and have a 'Look, just let me enjoy things,' conversation with him and told him I was gonna take pics of my own food when we went out and [asked] could he please just not be immature about it," the Redditor wrote in the post.

Apparently, with money being "tight" for the couple, they switch off on who pays for the dates they go on. The girlfriend says it was her turn most recently and even asked him if she could snap photos for 30 seconds because she is paying, to which he gave her a nonchalant confirmation.

"But then when the entrees came out, I went to snap a pic of his and he messed it up with his fork. Then he reached over and stirred up MY pasta to also ruin the photo of my own meal," the foodie GF said. "He says I owe him one because I don't get to just decide not to pay according to our agreement after we've already ordered."

The "AITA" post from Tuesday has over 15,000 interactions and 3,900 comments from people giving one resounding verdict to the foodie Redditor: "Dump him."

"Why are you even dating someone who clearly has no respect for you or your hobbies? Dump this a**hole," one user commented, receiving 40,000 up-votes.

Many Redditors are taking issue with the BF going out of his way to sabotage something his girlfriend cared about by messing up her own plate.

"Keep the food, ditch the boyfriend," another Redditor wrote.

"I thought it was a good compromise that he gets to eat his food while you just take some quick pictures of yours. But why did he have to go out of his way to ruin yours? That's just super immature and petty."

However, there are some who think the opposite and say the GF is in the wrong.

"You absolutely do not get to tell other people to wait to eat their food so you can indulge your social media addiction," someone commented. "He went too far in messing with your own food, but frankly I don't blame him for being fed up."

Do you care if someone takes food photos at the table?

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