Canada Is Home To One Of The World's Largest Pingos & It's As Unique As It Sounds

Ever heard of ice-filled hills? 😍
Pingos In Canada Are So Unique & We've Got One Of the Tallest In The World
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Now this is a spectacular sight to behold! Pingos in Canada are hills of ice that are located in the Northwest Territories, standing super tall amongst the flat land around them. As it turns out, the True North is home to one of the tallest pingos in the world.

You might not have ever heard of these unique arctic landforms but once you have, they're pretty hard to forget.

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"Pingo" is Inuvialuit for "small hill," but some of these natural wonders can actually be massive!

While they appear to be a common hill on the outside, they're pretty special on the inside.

They have a core of ice that pushes up from the ground, through a process of freezing and thawing.

In Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, pingos are the backdrop of the community as they can be seen standing tall above the flat tundra that surrounds them.

These hills can be as tall as a football stadium is long, up to 70 metres, and be more than half a kilometre around.

Just outside of Tuktoyaktuk you'll find Ibyuk.

It's the largest pingo in Canada and the second-largest in the world, coming in as tall as a 15 storey building and 1,000 feet wide at its base.

Plus, it's actually getting bigger! Ibyuk is rising at a rate of two centimetres each year.

Perhaps even more surprising, it's estimated to be about 1,300 years old.

You can find Ibyuk and more of these unique landforms jutting out of the flat landscape at Pingo Canadian Landmark.

It's a national historic site that features eight of the 1,350 pingos found in the region.

According to Parks Canada, they have been used for centuries by Inuvialuit as navigational aids and as high ground for spotting animals on land and in the water.

This Parks Canada site protects the Northwest Territories' pingos.

At the landmark, there are so many things to do such as kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing and bird watching.

Or, you can just find a lookout spot and take in the beauty of these unique ice-filled hills.

Canada is home to so many unique places and wildlife.

On the east coast, there's an island with more horses than humans, and another one with thousands of stunning Atlantic puffins.

What a place to call home, eh?

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