Canada's Top Bachelor's Degrees Were Revealed & Some Bring Home $100K Within 5 Years

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Best Degrees In Canada Were Revealed & Some Get You $100K Annually Within 5 Years

A piece of paper can make all the difference, apparently. The highest-paid degrees in Canada were just revealed and some of them bring home six digits within five years of graduating. However, hope is not lost. You can still land a well-paid job, even if you don't have one of the top-earning degrees in the country!

This week, Statistics Canada released a new study about which bachelor's degrees are best when it comes to making the big bucks.

It considers the earnings of 118 different programs for men and 123 programs for women, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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According to Statistic Canada, it really pays to study engineering.

When it comes to annual earnings just five years after graduation, six of the top ten degrees for men and seven of the top ten for women are in that field.

For men, the degree that gets you the most money is mining and mineral engineering, which can get you $111,533 annually within just five years.

Then there's pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration at $106,055.

Both petroleum engineering and nuclear engineering can get you just over $100,000.

Although chemical engineering is a little less, it's still well-paid at $89,637 every year.

For women, the earnings are a little lower, even with best-paid degrees.

Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and administration are the highest-earning, making you $94,177 annually on average.

Then there's mining and mineral engineering at $89,680, which is significantly lower than what men make in that same field.

Chemical engineering gets you $82,193 a year.

Both mechanical engineering and industrial engineering are close to $80,000.

If you graduate with one of these top degrees, you're likely to make between two and five times more than people with degrees at the bottom.

For men, annual earnings at the lower end of the list are between $42,298 and $35,935.

For women, it's even less at $33,765 to $19,892.

Whatever your skillset or education, it's still entirely possible to make a lot of money!

The Canada Border Services Agency is hiring students right now and you don't need any experience. You could get paid up to $34 an hour.

In fact, there are so many jobs all over Canada that pay surprisingly well, even if you have zero education or experience.

For example, you could land an office manager position in Ottawa or become a commercial actor in Toronto.

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