The Canada Border Services Agency Is Hiring Students & You Could Get Paid $34 Per Hour

There are positions available across Canada. 🤑
Canada Border Services Agency Jobs: CBSA Is Hiring Students & They Pay Up To $34 Per Hour
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Whether you’re looking for a career change, hunting for a first-time job, or simply need a little bit of extra cash, this could be a great opportunity for you. The government is hiring student border service officers right now, and you don’t need any experience to apply. The best part is, Canada Border Services Agency jobs are pretty well paid!

If you’ve ever considered a career with the Government of Canada, this could be the perfect opportunity to get some impressive experience for your resume.

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Right now, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is hiring students across the country, and you don’t need any relevant experience to apply for the position.

As a student border service officer (SBSO) you’d be required to work alongside border service officers to “determine the admissibility of people and goods" into the country.

To get you fully prepared for the job, you’ll be given lessons both in a classroom and online, as well as “on-the-job coaching and mentoring.”

While the experience here would be great for your resume, the salary is pretty impressive too. SBSOs can earn anywhere between $15.40 and $33.58 per hour, depending on your level of study. 

According to the job listing, you’d work at international airports and mail processing centres, which are based in 19 different cities across the country. 

This means there are positions available in every Canadian province, including in big cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and more.

Although you won't be responsible for a firearm in this position, you will have to wear and maintain a uniform, work varying shifts, potentially work overtime, and be willing to possess a valid driver’s license.

While you don’t need any specific degree or experience to apply for this role, you must be a student.

The CBSA is looking for either full-time students at a recognized post-secondary institution or someone returning to full-time studies in the next academic term. 

In addition, you also must be old enough to work in your chosen city or province.

If you don't quite meet these requirements, there are plenty of alternative government opportunities available right now.

Student Border Services Officer

Salary: From $15.40 to $33.58 per hour

Company: Canada Border Services Agency

Why You Should Apply: This is a great opportunity for any students looking to start a career with the Government of Canada, get some interesting and exciting work experience, or simply wanting to get paid!

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