Canada's Wonderland Is Hiring This Fall & You Don't Need A Lot Of Experience To Apply

They're getting staff together before they're allowed to reopen.
Canada's Wonderland Is Hiring This Fall & You Don't Need A Lot Of Experience To Apply

Get your resumes ready! Canada's Wonderland is hiring for multiple positions for the fall and winter seasons. The best part is, you don't need a lot of experience to apply to most openings.

The popular amusement park is gearing up for the upcoming season, and they are looking for heaps of new staff. 

In an email to Narcity, Director of Communications Grace Peacock wrote that Canada's Wonderland will have more positions popping up to get ready for their reopening. 

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"Our hiring is ongoing as we continue to ready ourselves for the day we can open," she wrote.

So if you want to hang out at an amusement park all day and get paid, then these seasonal gigs might be for you. 

Right now, performers are in demand. If you are an actor, dancer, singer or musician, get your portfolio together.

All of these positions are currently up for grabs, and you can have a chance to flaunt your skills in the spotlight with one of these creative slots.

According to the ad, you need to be at least 16 years old to perform and will be required to pass the audition and interview process. 

A "high level of performance", "stage presence" and a requirement to "work flexible shifts" are some of the qualities they are looking for in their candidates.

If you're not a skilled performer, there are other positions you can snag. 

Security and maintenance crews are also needed, so if you know a trade or are 18 years or older, you have a chance to be considered.

Although they are beginning the hiring process, there is still no word on when amusement parks will be allowed to reopen. 

Canada's Wonderland has already put out new measures that they will be taking to curb the spread of germs, and going to the park will be different this year. 

Amusement parks weren't allowed to open with stage three, and they are now waiting for the green light to start letting people into the park.

If you're looking for other fun jobs, tons of places are starting the hiring process again. Happy hunting!

Canada's Wonderland Seasonal Jobs

Salary: TBD

Company: Canada's Wonderland 

Why You Should Apply: Work at an amusement park this fall and winter seasons. 

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