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The Government Is Hiring In Whitehorse & You Get Bonus Pay For Working Up North

You can even get money to take a vacation!
The Government Is Hiring In Whitehorse & You Get Bonus Pay For Working Up North

Sometimes you just feel like you need a change of scenery. That might be especially true this year. Any Canadians who might be looking to make a big move should know that there are government jobs in Whitehorse. While moving that far north might seem intimidating, you get paid more just for working there.

A job posting on the government's website indicates that the Public Prosecution Service of Canada is looking for individuals to work at their regional office in Yukon.

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They are hiring for a number of different positions, including Records Clerk, Receptionist, Administrative Clerk, and Travel Coordinator.

As of June 2017, these jobs (which are all classified as CR-04 and CR-05) pay anywhere from $47,729 to $56,471 annually.

That's a pretty solid salary already, but there's even more that might make the trek north more enticing.

On top of your base pay, you'll also be given an Isolated Post Allowance which can range anywhere from an extra $3,558 to $5,799 each year.

So basically, you'd be getting paid extra to work in a more remote part of Canada, but it gets even better.

In addition to your base salary, as well as the allowance, you will also receive a Vacation Travel Assistance once a year, which can be used to travel outside of the territory.

The amount varies, but essentially the government will help you get out of Whitehorse every once in a while and go somewhere for a nice trip. 

You don't need to have a lot of qualifications for these jobs, as the posting indicates that only a secondary school diploma is required (although they will also accept a combination of education and training).

If you are a veteran or a member of a minority group, the government urges you to indicate this while applying, as they are committed to having a diverse workforce.

You might have to deal with some cold winters, but getting extra money to do so might just be worth it. 

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