It's not all bad news. Despite a spike in Canada's new COVID-19 cases, there are four regions that continue to report their daily increases at zero. Even more provinces and territories are reporting no new deaths from the virus, as well. 

According to Health Canada's epidemiological summary for the coronavirus, in the past 24 hours, four out of the 12 regions that report case numbers had no new positive tests come back. 

While there are 13 provinces and territories, only 12 gave their numbers to the public health agency since Nunavut hasn't been reporting on their cases.

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They are the only place in Canada to have no instances of COVID-19 throughout the entire pandemic. A total of 10 people have been tested in the territory. 

Other northern regions have been pretty lucky too. Northwest Territories is among the four with no new cases. They're joined by New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI, all of which had a daily increase of zero, as of 7 p.m. ET on July 24. 

Two more regions saw just one new case in their area during this time period. Those are Yukon and Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Manitoba also comes in with fewer than 10, reporting nine new cases recently. 

Other provinces haven't been as lucky lately. 

Both British Columbia and Saskatchewan recorded 27 new cases of the disease in this reporting period. 

However, it's Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta where they continue to see big numbers with 195, 163, and 111 respectively. 

When it comes to deaths related to the virus, all the provinces and territories are doing pretty well. 

Eight out of 12 regions reported zero new deaths. Ontario recorded three, Alberta had two, and both BC and Quebec had one. 

That's a total of seven recent COVID-19 related deaths in the whole country. 

In a Twitter thread, Canada's top doc expressed concern about some of the big case increases lately. 

"The upward trend in #COVID19 daily case counts is worrisome," Dr. Tam wrote, "We know that we have the means to keep the epidemic under control, but THIS IS NOT A SURE THING. The virus doesn’t care about our past efforts. It’s what we do now that matters."