While the country appeared to be getting things under control, there have been a few new flare-ups. Canada's COVID-19 cases have seen a slight increase over the last few days. This has worried Dr. Theresa Tam, who said that there is no guarantee that everything will be fine.

In a July 24 Twitter thread, Canada's Public Health Officer expressed her concern at the rising daily case counts, adding that the virus is an emotionless thing that doesn't recognize all the work we have done.

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"The upward trend in #COVID19 daily case counts is worrisome," Dr. Tam wrote, "We know that we have the means to keep the epidemic under control, but THIS IS NOT A SURE THING. The virus doesn’t care about our past efforts. It’s what we do now that matters."

Dr. Tam noted in a further tweet that there is no way to eliminate all cases and clusters, but that the most important thing is clamping down on those areas to prevent wider spread.

"Keeping #COVID19 under control means keeping case and contact numbers as low as possible so #publichealth authorities are able to manage the workload of testing & isolating cases and tracing & quarantining contacts. #TestandTrace," she added.

The CPHO concluded her thread saying that public health authorities being able to function properly will be the key to protecting not just the healthcare system, but also the economy and society at large.

The collection of tweets echoed a message previously shared by Dr. Howard Njoo, the deputy public health officer.

He said that the rise in cases among young adults, following the reopening of bars and restaurants, was concerning.

Dr. Njoo added that while younger people are not as vulnerable to the virus, they can still easily spread it to those who are.

As of July 24, Canada has had a total 113,206 cases, with 98,873 being considered as recovered, according to data from Worldometers.