Even with the country on the road to recovery, Canada's COVID-19 cases each day are still in the hundreds, and one of the country's top doctors pointed out another major factor that has been worrying him.

In a July 17 press conference, Dr. Howard Njoo, Canada's Deputy Chief Public Health Officer expressed that the rising number of cases, especially among young adults, was something he called a "cause for concern." 

I would tell young people... 'Hey you need to also take some personal responsibility.'

Dr. Howard Njoo

Dr. Njoo said that the increase in confirmed cases among young adults coincides with reports of people contracting the virus from bars and night clubs, venues which in some areas were just allowed to open for the first time.

He noted that while the virus is often less severe in young people, it can become very serious in some cases, and can still be transmitted to those who are at risk.

Dr. Njoo attributed the rise to everyone, not just young people, starting to get out more after dealing with "cabin fever" for the winter months.