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Roadtrippers Can Get Free Twizzlers In Muskoka This Week & Here’s Where To Find Them

Snag a snack for the road!

Contributing writer
You Can Get Free Twizzlers In Muskoka This Week & Here's How

What's not to love about summer road trips? There's nothing like rolling down the windows, blasting your favourite tunes and taking in the beautiful scenery. Oh, and don't forget the pit stop snacks and fun car games (I spy, anyone?).

Travelling has been a challenge over the past year, and many Canadians have embraced road tripping as their vacation of choice. Even though planes and trains are getting back on track, road trips are definitely here to stay.

Gone are the days of printed-out maps and fuzzy radio stations. Today's generation relies on GPS and Bluetooth to get them across the country. When it comes to hitting the road, a lot of things have changed but some will always remain the same — like road trip snacks!

If you're packing your bags, hopping in your ride and heading out on the highways this summer, you can get free TWIZZLERS for your trip by stopping in at Muskoka's iconic burger joint, Webers, from August 13 to 15.

While stopping off for some of Webers' tasty hamburgers and fries, keep your eyes peeled for TWIZZLERS' red retro trailer, which will be full of free goodies for you to take with you as you head back on the road.

Courtesy of TWIZZLERS

Enjoy your free TWIZZLERS on the ride, save them for snacking beside a lake, or keep them for when you're telling ghost stories around the campfire; it's hard to think of a bad time to tuck into this classic candy.

You deserve to unwind on your getaway, so be sure to untwist with TWIZZLERS on the way.


Price: Free

When: August 13-15

Address: 8825 Hwy. 11, Orillia, ON

Why You Need To Go: Pick up some free TWIZZLERS for your Muskoka road trip when you pull into Webers on Highway 11

To learn more about TWIZZLERS, check out their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.