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Twizzlers Is Giving Away Free Treats To Muskoka Cottagers Again This Weekend

What a sweet way to start a road trip.
Twizzlers Is Giving Away Free Treats To Muskoka Cottagers Again This Weekend

There's no doubt we’ve gone through some significant changes as a result of the pandemic. With the lines between home and work often blurred, many of us have been feeling like we’re "on" 24/7 and sometimes, we  just need a break from it all. 

With airline travel at an all-time low and exotic vacations basically out of the question, road tripping has become the ultimate vacation option for those seeking a little escape. It's a great solution to get away from home and have a change of pace and scenery while remaining in the comfort of your own private space.

And what better way to kick off the long-weekend than a road trip up to cottage country? For those of you heading up to Muskoka, keep your eyes peeled for a sweet surprise from Twizzlers popping up at the iconic burger pit stop, Webers on Highway 11 from September 4th to 6th.

What is Twizzlers planning you might ask?  They want to give you something sweet for the ride by offering travellers en route to Muskoka a sweet treat to enjoy on their road trip to cottage country. You won’t want to miss the iconic Twizzlers retro trailer and chance to get some free goodies! 

And why? Well, according to Zehra Raza, Senior Marketing Manager, Twizzlers at Hershey’s Canada – "We believe in taking time to untwist and doing the things that you love! That’s why we wanted to treat Canadians, heading up to cottage country, with a sweet surprise to remind to take the time untwist this summer."

Now, you're probably looking forward to cottage activities like swimming, canoeing, and waterskiing — which are all amazing for de-stressing — but what's even better is the tasty giveaway goodies from Twizzlers to get your Labour Day weekend off to an early (and delicious!) start.

If you missed Twizzlers activation last weekend, don't fret — they're returning again for the long weekend. So if you happen to be heading to cottage country from September 4-6, take a minute to pull over and snag some free treats.

Keep an eye out for the Twizzler’s Pit Stop, where you'll find reps handing out Twizzlers and new Twizzlers Gummies at Webers, off Highway 11 in Orillia. If you don't know Webers, it's the popular old-school burger joint known for its burgers, shakes, and poutine. It's the ultimate place to fuel up and chow down during a road trip.

With all the craziness going on in our lives, this long weekend  couldn’t come soon enough.  So if you’re planning on hitting the open road, grab some Twizzlers to help you unwind with  family and friends.

To ensure everyone's safety, social distancing measures will be implemented at the Twizzlers Pit Stop. Please be sure to avoid overcrowding by picking up your Twizzlers treats to-go and create space for everyone.

Take time to untwist with Twizzlers. You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.