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You Can Now Get Ginger-Infused Gin In Ontario & It’s Perfect For The Holidays

Festive cocktails, anyone?

You Can Now Get Ginger-Infused Gin In Ontario & It’s Perfect For The Holidays

There are so many things to love about the holiday season: the lights, the food, the decorations, the cheeriness that washes over everyone — and who can forget themed cocktails?

If you're already prepping your bar cart for the holidays, don't forget to slide a bottle of Ungava Ginger in alongside your cocktail shaker and rosemary sprigs. The ginger-infused spirit is a spicy twist on Ungava's signature gin, and it'll turn any cocktail into a festive treat.

This perfect-for-the-holidays spirit is based on Canada's own Ungava Gin, a distinct yellow gin that gets its hue thanks to hand-foraged Arctic botanicals from Northern Quebec. These botanicals are dried and steeped for five weeks, resulting in a complex colour and flavour that's unlike any other gin.

Courtesy of Ungava Gin

The new Ungava Ginger takes Ungava's OG flavour, smooth taste, 100% natural ingredients and spices it up with the addition of ginger extract. Not only does this combo make for an ideal holiday spirit, but it's also a unique and tasty gift for the gin lover in your life.

You can sip Ungava Ginger with a splash of tonic and some cranberries while curled up with your fave holiday movie, enjoy it straight as you wrap presents by the fireplace, or experiment with a fun cocktail to share with guests.

Whether you're mixing up something special for your friends or just yourself, these wintery cocktail recipes using Ungava's signature gin and Ungava Ginger are the perfect place to start.

Ginger Hill

Courtesy of Ungava Gin

This humble-looking cocktail is more than meets the eye. If you love a drink that takes your palate on a journey, this is the one.

What starts out as spicy and smoky finishes up as tart, sweet and floral — a classic combo in winter (just think of gingerbread or a roast studded with oranges and cloves). Also, liquid smoke is always fun.


The Bee's Knees

Courtesy of Ungava Gin

This classic cocktail comes straight out of the prohibition era, daddy-o. The old faithful combo of lemon and honey gets dressed up with Ungava Gin to create a drink fit for the Roaring Twenties (1920s or 2020s, your call.)

While this recipe called for Ungava's signature gin, it would be just as delightful with Ungava Ginger.


The Arctic Treat

Courtesy of Ungava Gin

Pumpkin spice who? This tall, creamy drink makes use of spicy chai syrup and Ungava Ginger to create an aromatic treat. This recipe uses plant-based milk, but it's just as good with your milk of choice (maybe even chocolate milk).

Garnished with a ginger cookie and cinnamon stick, it's the ideal pairing for a night cozied up by the fire.


Arctic Sparkler

Courtesy of Ungava Gin

What's the end-of-year season without bubbles? For those who love flavours on the bitter side, this grapefruit-forward drink is a bold compromise between tart and spicy (with a dash of sweet to bring you back to reality).

If you're looking for a champagne-and-gin cocktail so you can cheers your pals before tucking into your holiday feast, this is the one.


The Berry Wild

Courtesy of Ungava Gin

Citrus isn't the only thing that goes well with gin. Anyone who's tried a bramble-style cocktail before will recognize this combo of tart berries and botanicals.

Tossing the blackberries in sugar syrup helps balance the tang of the lemon, while Ungava's Ginger is the spicy note that ties it all together — a welcome refresher after all that rich holiday fare.


Whatever you choose to serve up this season, stocking up your bar cart with Canadian-made gin will help you and your crew celebrate the holidays in good spirits.

And what fun for the gin-obsessed friend in your life who sips your festive cocktail one minute and unwraps their own beautiful bottle the next? That's a major win in the gift-giving department.

You can get Ungava Gin and Ungava Ginger at LCBOs across Ontario for $37.95 and $40.95 respectively. Experiment with Ungava's unique flavours in a cocktail made just for you, give it as a gift, or break it out during your holiday get-together for the ultimate treat.

To learn more about Ungava Gin and the new Ungava Ginger, visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Narcity does not condone the overconsumption of alcohol. If you are going to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly and only if you're of legal age.

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