Zendaya Set The Record Straight On Claims That She's Pregnant & A TikTok Meme Is To Blame


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Zendaya. Right. Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Zendaya. Right. Tom Holland and Zendaya.

The internet was buzzing this week amid claims that Zendaya and boyfriend Tom Holland are expecting a baby. Then the actress herself stepped up to set the record straight.

Zendaya took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday to dismiss the pregnancy rumours after tens of thousands of people commented on them on Twitter.

"See...now this is why I stay off Twitter. Just making stuff up for no reason...weekly," said her post.

The false rumour actually appears to have started on TikTok, where someone shared a video that seemed to look like an ultrasound from Zendaya's Instagram account.

The video ends with a clip of Kris Jenner dancing along with text saying "just got #krissed."

"Krissed" is a new Kardashian-inspired TikTok meme for getting pranked, but it seems that some people still haven't caught up and are taking it for truth.


#zendaya #pregnant

In another TikTok video posted by @robairesbussy, Zendaya looks like she is walking beside boyfriend Tom Holland, although the image seems to have been tweaked to give her a baby bump. The video also ends with a "Krissed" disclaimer.

Eventually, the prank took off on Twitter with actual rumours of her pregnancy swirling and various people tweeting about it.

"Zendaya only got pregnant to make me jealous," said a tweet by @sammerlammer.

Even Lil Nas X weighed in on the frenzy.

"I hate twitter because I'm sitting here about to congratulate Zendaya via dm about a baby that doesn't exist," he tweeted.

The actress eventually set things right on Instagram and blamed Twitter for the false reports, although TikTok is clearly part of it, too.

@Zendaya | Instagram

In a post that followed, she stated "Anyway, back to filming Challengers."

So sorry (not sorry) folks -- there are no Zendaya/Tom Holland babies on the way yet!

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer
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