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These 2 Canadian Provinces Dislike Their Premiers Way More Than All The Rest

Meanwhile there's a tie for the most liked!
These 2 Canadian Provinces Dislike Their Premiers Way More Than All The Rest

Two Canadian premiers just lost a popularity contest after landing at the bottom in approval ratings among other leaders.

New polling from the Angus Reid Institute suggests that both Manitoba's Premier Brian Pallister and Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney are disliked more than any other premier in Canada.

The poll data also reflects how the premiers individually responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The only provincial leader generating an approval rating lower than Jason Kenney is Manitoba’s Brian Pallister. Angus Reid Institute

It was Pallister who took the losing spot among the nine premiers with only 32% of local residents saying that they're fans of the guy. This is a 12-point drop from the last quarter. 

This could largely be due to Manitoba having the strictest lockdown measures in Canada and dealing with the most rapid spread of the virus in the country in the last while.

Kenney was close behind with a 40% approval rating that landed him in the second least-liked position. His COVID-19 response has reportedly garnered condemnation from many since Alberta is the only province in the country with no indoor mask rule.

"Premier Jason Kenney continues to resist such a policy, suggesting it would create a backlash from residents. Most of the province is under such a mandate due to municipal rules, but Kenney’s actions appear to be generating criticism from some Albertans," the report reads.

British Columbia Premier John Horgan and Quebec Premier Francois Legault stole the show in the number one spots, tieing at a 64% approval rating. 

The poll was done as an online survey that saw the participation of 5,003 Canadians.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the Alberta government is putting further restrictions in place for social gatherings.

On Tuesday, October 5, Premier Jason Kenney announced at a press conference that outdoor social gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 20 people. The previous amount of people allowed to gather outdoors was 200.

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