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Canada's Premiers Have Demands For Justin Trudeau Now That He's Prime Minister Again

They want a meeting with Trudeau before the end of the year!

Canada's Premiers Have Demands For Justin Trudeau Now That He's Prime Minister Again

Just days after the election results rolled in, Canada's premiers got together and made demands of Justin Trudeau now that he's the re-elected prime minister.

The premiers, including Doug Ford and Jason Kenney, met by teleconference on September 23, where they congratulated Trudeau on his re-election and called on him to engage in a constructive dialogue with them soon about health care.

The provincial and territorial leaders urged Trudeau to hold a meeting with them about "long-term, unconditional health funding" before he does a throne speech and by the end of 2021. The leaders want a resolution to what they call a funding shortfall for health care systems because there is no "true federal funding partner."

B.C. Premier John Horgan said that the premiers are ready to work together just like Canadians expect, but they need a federal partner.

Before this, Ford congratulated Trudeau on his own but also put pressure on the PM, promising to make sure he follows through on promises made to Ontarians.

"I'm going to work with him collaboratively, in a good way, not in a bad way," the premier said. "But my number one priority over anything is protecting the people of Ontario, making sure their interests come first."

Doug Ford Is Working On A Plan To Address COVID-19 Surges Locally After Step 3 Ends

The premier dropped a few hints about what an emergency response could look like.

Premier Doug Ford confirmed in a press conference on Friday that plans for Ontario to exit step three are underway and have been for months now.

"Because so many of you have rolled up your sleeves we're now able to finalize our plans to exit step three of the Roadmap to Reopen and cautiously lift more public health measures," said Ford. "The work began months ago, and we are finalizing the plan now."

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Here's What Could Change In Ontario After Step 3 Comes To An End

Vaccine certificate rules could reportedly change.

Ontario has been paused in step three of the reopening plan since mid-July 2021, but that could reportedly change very soon.

The Ontario government paused the province's exit from step three in August because of an increase of COVID-19 cases, the data surrounding the Delta variant and the "recent experiences of other jurisdictions," according to the Ontario government website.

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A recent report on the approval rates of Canada's premiers is revealing that not everyone is satisfied with their local leaders.

The quarterly release from the Angus Reid Institute on Wednesday, October 13, shows that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has the lowest approval rating out of all the provincial leaders, coming in at just 22%, which is a 9% drop from last quarter.

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Canada Is Making Vaccination Mandatory For Federal Employees Even If They Work From Home

Exemptions can happen but they will be "exceedingly narrow," according to Justin Trudeau.

The Government of Canada's mandatory vaccination policy has come into effect for federal employees and it even applies to those who work from home.

On October 6, it was revealed that all employees in the core public administration — including those who work in federal government departments, the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency — must be fully vaccinated by October 29.

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