5 Enchanting Celestial Events Happening This Spring That You Can See From Canada

Meteor showers, eclipses and supermoons!
5 Celestial Events In 2021 In Canada You Need To See This Spring
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There are so many celestial events in 2021 in Canada that you need to see and quite a few are happening throughout spring including incredible meteor showers, eclipses and supermoons.

Here are five that you should put on your calendar right now!

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Lyrid Meteor Shower

When: April 22

About: The Lyrid meteor shower lasts from around April 16 to 25 and the peak this year is expected to happen before dawn April 22 after the moon sets. You can see about 10 to 15 meteors per hour but surges can sometimes happen so it might be a special show.

Super Pink Moon

When: April 26-27

About: The full moon in April , known as the Pink Moon, will be a super one and when it rises, you'll be able to see it at its biggest point. Despite the name, it won't actually be pink but it'll take on a golden hue as it moves above the horizon and then transition to white as it goes higher.

Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower

When: May 5

About: You can spot this meteor shower when it peaks on May 5. According to EarthSky , the best time to watch it in Canada is an hour or two before dawn.

Super Blood Flower Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

When: May 26

About: This is a double whammy of celestial events! Not only is there a lunar eclipse happening on May 26 but there's also a supermoon . Most of the country will be able to see the eclipse but the best place to view it is western Canada because that's where it'll turn fully red.

Annular Solar Eclipse

When: June 10

About: With this annual solar eclipse, the total eclipse will only be visible in parts of Ontario, Quebec and Nunavut where the sun looks like a ring around the moon. Other provinces and territories will only have partial visibility.

It's important to remember that this eclipse is only safe to view with eye protection.

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