Canada Will See So Many Celestial Events This Year Including A ‘Super Blood Flower Moon’

Mark your calendars this spring and summer! 🤩🌕
A ‘Super Blood Flower Moon’ Could Be Spotted In Canada's Skies Soon & That's Not All
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Mark your calendars and grab your telescope! So many incredible dark sky events will be visible in Canada this spring and summer, including a “Super Blood Flower Moon.”

Ahead of the start of spring, a report from The Weather Network has revealed exactly what we should be looking for in the skies over the next few months.

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Between March and June alone, Canadians can expect to see meteor showers, planetary conjunctions, and “even an Annular Solar Eclipse high in the Arctic.”

What’s expected to be most impressive, though, is "the first total lunar eclipse visible from Canada in over two years."

Referred to by the Weather Network as a “Super Blood Flower Moon total lunar eclipse,” it’s set to take place towards the end of May.

It means the Sun, Earth and Moon will line up just right,  producing a “perigee total lunar eclipse.”

While it won’t be easily visible in every province and territory (western Canada is likely to get the best view), it’s worth looking out anyway or streaming the event online.

This is because it’s the last “super” total lunar eclipse to occur for a long time, with the next Super Blood Harvest Moon not expected until October 2033.

If you’re looking forward to a little star-spotting this spring, here are the dates to get in your diary:

  • March 20 — Equinox
  • March 20 — Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn, eastern horizon pre-dawn
  • March 28-29 — Worm Moon
  • March 30 — Zodiacal Light after evening twilight, western sky for two weeks 
  • April 21-23 — Lyrid meteor shower peak
  • April 26-27 — Super Pink Moon
  • May 5-6 — eta Aquariid meteor shower peak
  • May 15 — Mars & Moon conjunction, western horizon after sunset
  • May 26 — Super Blood Flower Moon total lunar eclipse
  • May 28 — Mercury & Venus conjunction, western horizon after sunset
  • June 10 — Annular Solar Eclipse across the Arctic
  • June 12 — Venus, Moon & Mars, western horizon after sunset
  • June 21 — Solstice

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