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7 Sports Bras That Are As Cute & Supportive As Your BFF

Meet your new bosom buddy.
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7 Sports Bras That Are As Cute & Supportive As Your BFF

Doing any high-impact workout without a well-fitting sports bra is awkward because things end up bouncing all over the place. For women who wear a larger cup size, a heavy duty bra—one that still looks cute—is key.

If you’re looking for a hefty hold, these stylish bras are the best support system you could ask for.

Old Navy Powersoft Zip-Front Sports Bra

Price: $39.99

Details: This is the perfect bra if you love wearing bright colours. It’s made out of a ridiculously smooth material with a peachy-soft feel, and it comes in lime green or coral.

Lululemon Swift Speed Sports Bra

Price: $88

Details: We Canadians love shopping at Lululemon because they make high-quality clothes that last forever and their sports bras are no exception. This bra (in blue, burgundy, black or green) has adjustable straps at the front as opposed to the back so it’s easier to modify while you’re wearing it.

SHEIN Cut Out Racer Back Sports Bra

Price: $17

Details: At this great price, you can buy five for less than $100! This bra comes in beige, yellow, black, mint green, dusty pink or mauve purple which is their bestseller.

Glamorise Full Figure Wonderwire Sports Bra

Price: $75.59

Details: If you need a new bra pronto, Amazon has a bunch of cute ones you can get delivered in a day or two. This pink-gray one has an underwire but it’s so comfy, you don’t really notice it.

Nike Dri-FIT Rival Sports Bra

Price: $80

Details: You can’t go wrong with a simple black sports bra. This one from Nike does a good job of keeping the bounce to a minimum. You can do 100 jumping jacks without feeling uncomfortable.

Under Armour High Crossback Sports Bra

Price: $60

Details: The mineral blue is a refreshing colour you don’t often see on sports bras. The fabric wicks sweat off and dries really fast if you’re feeling more like Sweaty Spice than Sporty Spice.

Victoria’s Secret Knockout Maximum Support Sports Bra

Price: $71.87

Details: Stores across Canada may have closed down but you can still order stuff online and get free shipping over $140! The leopard print sports bra is a fan favourite because of the cushioned cups that clip at the front, keeping everything in place.

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