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8 Products That Can Help You Calm TF Down If You've Had A Stressful Week

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8 Calming Products That Can Help You Relieve Stress & Fall Asleep

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Deep breaths, everyone. The weekend is almost here!

If you've been running around feeling stressed out this week, it's probably a sign you need to slow down, take a breath and find a moment of peace.

When a cat nap or a glass of wine isn't cutting it anymore, you can turn to these products for ultimate relaxation.

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

Amazon Canada

Price: $99.90 ($166)

Details: If drifting off to dreamland is the only item on your agenda tonight, this weighted blanket is just the ticket. It's ultra soft and made out of a breathable bamboo fabric that's cool to the touch so you won't sweat in your sleep this summer.


DOWNCOOL 100% Polyester Microfiber Filling Body Pillow

Amazon Canada

Price: $32.99 ($39.99)

Details: Look, we all want Oscar Isaac to wrap us in a warm hug at bedtime but that's just not going to happen. This body pillow is the next best thing. It comes in four different sizes (this one is 20 x 54 inches) but it doesn't include a pillowcase so you have to buy that separately.


Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp

Amazon Canada

Price: $43.99 ($49.99)

Details: Having a hard time meditating lately? This calming lamp made out of 100% pure Himalayan salt can give your room a warm and relaxing amber glow. It has a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness as you see fit. If you buy it now, you can get a $6 off coupon at checkout.


HoMedics SoundSpa Portable White Noise Machine

Price: $29.99

Details: A soothing sound machine like this one can help you calm down and fall asleep faster. It has six natural, calming sounds to choose from including white noise and rain. The four AA batteries required are sold separately.

$29.99 On WELL.CA

Snailax Back Massage

Amazon Canada

Price: $116.99 ($136.99)

Details: This personal Shiatsu massager is like a trip to the spa. It's a must-have if you spend a lot of time hunched over your computer. It offers soothing heat and multi-level vibrations to help ease tension in your back, shoulders and thighs. Don't forget to use the $20 off coupon at checkout!


Aera Touch Diffuser


Price: $149

Details: The high-tech Aera diffuser is modern, sleek and can go with any home decor. There's something about choosing a scent (we recommend the Lavender or Deep Relax) and letting the fragrance fill the air that feels so warm and cozy.

$149 On AERA

Serenity Wellness Bath Salts


Price: $24

Details: You can always turn to your tub for comfort this weekend. Epsom salts can soothe tired muscles while the blend of lavender and cedarwood can clear your mind. If you don't want a large jar, you can opt for a small packet for $6.95 instead.


A Nice Cup Of Tea


Price: Varies

Details: To melt away tension and ease the mind, why not put the kettle on and enjoy a nice cup of tea before bed? David's Tea has a ton of relaxing teas available like Headache Halo, Jasmine Rooibos and Buddha's Blend. It doesn't get any more calming than that.


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