A Bigfoot Statue Was Mysteriously Found On The Side Of The Highway In California

Bigfoot has been found!
A Bigfoot Statue Was Mysteriously Found On The Side Of The Highway In California

A large statue of Bigfoot was found just sitting on the side of the highway in California yesterday

Police were responding to a report of a "suspicious figure on the roadway" and found...well, Bigfoot, just gently placed on the side of the road in the mountains north of Santa Cruz. 

Suspicious indeed, however, because the statue was stolen earlier this week from the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in nearby Felton, CA.

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He was a little banged up but will be returned to his rightful place at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Scotts Valley Police Department

People in the area were on the lookout for this four-foot statue all week.

 Citizens rejoiced over the news that he had been found.

Local police thanked everyone for keeping their eyes open for Bigfoot all week.

No arrests have been made so it is assumed that the thief is still on the loose.

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