Now, this is what's called being in the right place at the right time. Three Ontario teens are looking a whole lot like heroes after helping provincial police out with a Lake Erie rescue mission during a fishing trip. Just wanting to try out a new canoe, the teens decided to steer away from their usual spot, and it's a good thing they did.

On June 15, 18-year-olds Jacob Landriault and Erik Olejnik and 19-year-old Brendan Hunter were out on a fishing trip on Rondeau Bay near Chatham-Kent.

What started as a fun day on the water quickly flipped upside down after the teens managed to hear someone yelling from far away, on a paddleboard.

"As we got closer we could see a girl on the paddleboard, we could hear her screaming for help in a panicked voice, that’s when we paddled as fast as we could to reach her," Landriault told Narcity by email.

"Once we got the girl, I asked what was going on, and she replied saying that her brother and boyfriend were on a canoe, and it flipped over, and they can’t swim."

Landriault adds the woman told them she had been paddling for 30 minutes and had been ignored by other boaters in the water,.

Taking quick action, one of the teens called 911 while helping the girl onto the shore, where an OPP officer and her mother soon arrived.

Olejnik and Hunter then managed to spot the two men in the water and got into the canoe with the OPP officer to reach the men stranded.

Landriault stayed on the shore with the girl and noticed she was going into shock. Thankfully, as a lifeguard, he was trained to help in these situations.

Landriault added that a few bystanders, including nurses and paramedics, showed up just before the victims were retrieved.

"The Erieau fire department ended up picking up the victims and bringing them to shore, where they were checked out to have no injuries," he added.

If it wasn't for the trio's quick thinking and swift action, Landriault believes there could have been a different result.

Erik Olejnik

"I’m really thankful that we were out there to help those people. I’m just glad they were okay," said Landriault.

Narcity reached out to the OPP for further information.

Meanwhile, as a reward, the teens were given a free lunch at Rondeau Joe's for their bravery.

That sounds deserved to us!