A Mom Showed Her 10-Year-Old A CD Case For The First Time & It's 'Painful' To Watch

"The struggle is real."

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A girl struggles to open a CD case. Right: The girl's mom reacts on TikTok.

A girl struggles to open a CD case. Right: The girl's mom reacts on TikTok.

A nostalgic mom filmed the moment when she handed her 10-year-old daughter a CD for the first time, and the girl's awkward reaction has TikTokers feeling old.

TikTok user @elspa570's video of her daughter, Teigan, fiddling with a CD case has piled up over 2 million views since she posted it earlier this month. Hundreds of people have also jumped into the comments to share their feelings of second-hand cringe.

"This morning I handed my 10-year-old daughter one of these," she says in the video, before explaining that her daughter's reaction was worth filming. "The struggle is real," she says in the video.

The mom then hands the CD case over to the girl, and the girl can be seen turning the case over in her hands, trying to figure out how to open it. She turns it over and over, trying and failing to find a seam.

"What is it?" Teigan says. "What do I do with it?"

"Open it," her mom says.

The mom simply watches for a moment, then turns the camera back to herself and blinks in disbelief.


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TikTokers went straight to the comments to share their disbelief.

"That was painful," one person wrote.

"Why these kids making us feel so old," wrote one woman.

"Oh god I'm old," said another.

Some users defended the girl by pointing out that CDs are mostly irrelevant now, and have been throughout the 10-year-old's life.

The mom eventually followed up on her viral TikTok hit with a "redemption video" in which Teigan finally manages to open the CD case.

"It's kind of like a book," her mom says in the video.

Teigan then takes the case and, after turning it over a few times, manages to pop it open, revealing the CD inside.

"Now what is that?" her mom asks.

"One of them came in my piano book," Teigan replied.

Her mom goes on to explain that "back in the early 90s when I graduated from high school, I mean the early 2000s (...) we used to have these big thick books that were just full of pages of CDs."

"So it's like a baseball card book? Like Pokemon cards?" Teigan asks, before declaring that "the radio is so much easier" than juggling CDs.


#redemption #cdsarentdead #loveher #happymothersday #healing #thanksformakingmyvidviral thank you all for helping me put a smile back on her face!!! Shes still struggling to open her mouth all the way, but all of the stitches have disolved and her facial roadrash is almost gone!!!!

The follow-up video triggered a fresh wave of nostalgia on TikTok, especially around the idea of CD books.

"The way she's just flipping (the CD) around and touching all on the back had my anxiety through the roof!" one woman wrote. "My mind was saying 'not so rough!'"

"I'm here for the book of CDs," stated someone else.

"Please show her a cassette/VHS," suggested another user.

"I'm 25. Both my mom and grandma had a CD book in their vehicles. I remember my sisters and I flipping through them to choose what we would listen to," wrote another person.

Others pointed out that CDs are still for sale at Walmart and they're not entirely a thing of the past, because PlayStation 5 and Xbox still use them. However, game discs are typically stored in larger cases that don't look like your classic CD case.

Do you still listen to CDs?



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