An Amber Alert Was Just Issued For A Kidnapped 12-Year-Old Girl In PEI (VIDEO)

She was heard screaming out the window of the car that took her. 😨
A P.E.I Amber Alert Has Been Issued After A Girl Was Heard Yelling She'd Been Kidnapped

Police on Prince Edward Island on Monday, August 17 are investigating a potential abduction which has prompted a P.E.I. Amber Alert.

UPDATE: In an unexpected twist, it turns out the whole situation was a misunderstanding caused by a joke gone wrong.

EARLIER: Police in the city of Summerside are looking into the possible kidnapping of a pre-teen girl after receiving a call around noon. The girl was witnessed screaming out of a car window that she had been taken, reports CBC.

A girl described as about 12 years old [was] yelling out the window.


Police have now issued a photo of the vehicle involved, thought to be a black Honda Civic with apparent decals on the trunk. It was travelling eastbound on Walker Avenue from Granville Street toward MacEwan Road.

Summerside Police add that the RCMP, Confederation Bridge officials, and New Brunswick police have been alerted. No related reports of a missing person have been filed at this time. 

The girl is described as having dark skin and dark hair, while the car's driver is thought to be a balding man with tanned or dark skin wearing glasses or sunglasses and a beige shirt.

An emergency alert was sent out at after 1:18 p.m. ADT and police are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately.

Police say they have already received dozens of tips.