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A third metallic monolith suddenly appeared yesterday morning on the edge of a mountain in Atascadero, California because of course it did and this is just how our lives are now.

This monolith differs from the first two in that it has no weld marks, is hollow at the top and bottom, and...isn't even planted into the ground.

That's right, this new monolith could just be pushed over the cliff and onto hikers below, as it's just sitting on TOP of the ground rather than attached to it, making it the laziest one yet, but honestly also the most dangerous.

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3 mysterious monoliths have appeared (so far)

Here it is, just set delicately near the actual edge of the mountain, right above where, regularly, there are people hiking.

It's just hanging out being 10 feet tall and 200 pounds and not attached to the ground on the edge of a cliff.

The monolith was discovered by a group of local hikers yesterday morning and many more have been visiting it since its sudden arrival.

The monolith, reportedly, "could be knocked over with a firm push."

Let's just assume that monoliths will continue popping up every few days from here on out — this is all of our lives now.

This has officially become a tale of three monoliths.

This is, unfortunately, still a developing story.

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