A Woman Outdid A Man With Her Football Skills In Qatar & World Cup Fans Are Loving It

"I met this nice guy who wanted to show his skills, so I had to show mine too."

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The man and woman in the TikTok doing tricks with a soccer ball.

The man and woman in the TikTok doing tricks with a soccer ball.

With the 2022 World Cup well underway, people from all over the world who love soccer are gathering in Qatar to enjoy the sport and maybe even kick the soccer ball around themselves.

TikToker Maymi Asgari's entire account is about being an Iranian female soccer player, and she regularly posts videos of herself doing tricks with other players. Now that she's in Qatar for the World Cup, she's taking it as an opportunity to not only make cool videos with other soccer fans but also outshine them.

In one of her videos, the hijabi soccer player filmed herself doing tricks with a fellow soccer fan, and she outshone him to the point that the video is now going viral on TikTok with over 13.6 million views.

The video starts with her passing the ball over to a stranger she met while roaming the streets of Qatar so he could show off his skills, only to obliterate him with her tricks moments later.


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The guy makes a few impressive moves, like keep-ups and even kicks the ball onto his shoulder at one point and balances it before kicking it over to Asgari.

When he passed the ball back to her, he was probably not expecting Asgari to come through with the moves that she did because she handed the ball to him.

"I met this nice guy who wanted to show his skills, so I had to show mine too," read Asgari's caption over the video.

While showing off her skills with the soccer ball, she caught the attention of many people passing by, including a young boy who seemed particularly smitten by Asgari's talent.

The young boy stopped in his tracks and even applauded Asgari for her skills.

"I'm literally in love with the vibe here," wrote Asgari in the caption of her video, which now has over 2.2 likes.

People in the comments were just as impressed with Asgari's soccer skills and wrote words of encouragement to her.

One user wrote, "this is what the world cup is about."

Another user wrote, "I'm sure the people really loved your skills!"

"While I can't even walk properly," jokes another user whose comment got over 33,600 likes.

Many were taken aback by the young boy's reaction and support for Asgari.

One user commented, "The little boy," followed by the heart eye emoji, and another wrote, "omg, his little claps."

It's safe to say that Asgari is an impressive soccer player and her videos inspire millions of people.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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