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A Woman Walked Out Instead Of Buying Meals For Her BF's Family & The Reactions Are Intense

"There are so many red flags here."

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A couple at a restaurant.

A couple at a restaurant.

Paying for meals is usually something you discuss as a couple, but what would you do if your partner asked his parents to dinner and then demanded that you cover the whole thing?

That's the dilemma one woman recently found herself in, and she turned to Reddit to find out if her dramatic response was the right thing to do. Basically, she says she walked right out and left her boyfriend and his family to cover their own meals, rather than going along with his demands.

"He's mad and refusing to speak to me 'til I apologize," she explained in a Reddit thread, which received tens of thousands of upvotes.

The Reddit user explained that her boyfriend is divorced, although he hates that term and prefers to be called a "divorcee." She says he often compares her to his exes and calls her out when he thinks he sees her exhibiting their same habits. She says they've been dating for about five months.

She says she got a second job and ever since, "he's been having me pay every time we go out."

"When I protest, he'd say he's going through a rough patch and is seeing how much help I can offer," she said in her post.

The last straw was when he invited his family out for dinner with them and then told her at the table that she'd be paying for everyone that night.

"He asked me if I 'brought' enough money; I said why and he told me that he told his parents that I'd pay for their meals," she said in her post. "I said why would I, and he went on about his parents going through a rough patch just like him."

After a brief argument, she informed him she wouldn't be paying. She says he responded by laughing at her and saying that since she was already at the dinner, she didn't have much of a choice.

"I silently got up, took my phone and purse and walked right out," she wrote. "He was shocked (and) he started shouting after me to stop and wait but I didn't."

The aftermath of it all wasn't so pretty. She says he called her in a rage and accused her of "making money a priority, just like my ex did." She fired back and said his parents' financial situation isn't her problem, and she's not "obligated" to pay for their dinners.

"If they couldn't pay for their meals, then they should not go out," she explained.

So is she "the asshole," according to the Reddit community?

The verdict from Reddit users was no, and most of them suggested that she has nothing to apologize for.

"OMG - GIRL RUN!!!! This is NOT a man you want or need in your life!" wrote one user. "Go, go, go and don't look back - like ever!! (Not the a**hole) by a long shot."

"There are so many red flags here," said another.

"I would literally bet my whole retirement account that he, in fact, did NOT initiate his last divorce," wrote another user.

Another user pointed out that "when someone you're dating has an entire pantheon of 'crazy' exes... well, there's a common variable there."

Of course, there are times when you might cover your partner's meal or maybe even an entire dinner with his family, but that's where you discuss things first. You don't spring that on someone at the table!

Several people flagged the Redditor's story as "financial abuse," which is essentially when one person tries to control or take advantage of another person's financial situation.

The original poster hasn't been back to share any updates and we still have one big question: Did this guy's exes also call him out on Reddit?

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