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Alberta Is Moving Back Into Step 1 Of Reopening To Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

Gyms and dine-in at restaurants will be closing again.
Alberta COVID-19 Update: Enhanced Restrictions Starting At Midnight

On Tuesday, April 6, Janson Kenney provided an Alberta COVID-19 update to the public in which he announced that the province will be moving back into Step 1 of the 4-step reopening process. 

At midnight tonight, adult fitness will be closed apart from one-on-one personal training and retail capacity will be limited to 15%, said Kenney

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Come Friday at noon, indoor dining at restaurants will no longer be allowed. 

Though, outdoor patios will be allowed to stay open for bars and restaurants. Outdoor gatherings in groups of up to 10 are still permitted. 

Alberta reported nearly 1,000 new COVID-19 cases each day of the long weekend and Jason Kenney says this is the only way forward. 

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the Alberta government is putting further restrictions in place for social gatherings.

On Tuesday, October 5, Premier Jason Kenney announced at a press conference that outdoor social gatherings will be limited to a maximum of 20 people. The previous amount of people allowed to gather outdoors was 200.

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On April 12, Jason Kenney took to Twitter to condemn residents who protested following the enhancement of Alberta's COVID-19 public health measures

He wrote that "a protestor was arrested for shouting racial insults at a First Nations woman on Enoch Reserve," continuing to say that "dozens of protestors also trespassed on reserve land, & Chief Morin’s car was vandalized."

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On Monday, March 1, Premier Jason Kenney announced that the province will be moving into Step 2 of the Alberta reopening plan. 

During the announcement, Kenney said that Step 2 will begin effective today. 

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On Friday, January 29, Jason Kenney announced Alberta's reopening plan in regards to the current COVID-19 health measures in the province.

He noted that the easing of restrictions will be taking place in steps that will be dictated by "hospitalization benchmarks." 

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