Don't you just wish you could be in the water all year long? Well, this Alberta home for sale is a swimmer's paradise. Not only is there a lake right outside where you can dip in during the scorching summers but there's also an indoor pool that'll fulfill your water baby dreams even in the dead of winter. 

The home is located in the town of Sylvan Lake

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If you've always wanted to hang out by the lake but have been afraid to do so due to the crowds, here's your solution. Just buy a house that faces the lake directly. 

Okay, this might not be feasible for everyone but it's worth having a look at the listing anyway so you can vicariously fulfill your lakehouse dreams. 

Distance-wise, it's near the halfway mark between Edmonton and Calgary. So it's about one and a half hours from both the cities. 

This 3352-square-foot abode has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has "level lake access" and about "146 ft of lakefront." 

If it's a bit too chilly to go outside and enjoy the lake, don't you worry. The living room is fitted with massive glass windows that will treat you to fantastic views of the lake. 

Lake-facing windows are actually all over the house, including the family room and all the bedrooms. 

Carl Stepp | RE/MAX

The kitchen is super modern and has plenty of cabinets and storage space. There's also an island, which is always a bonus. 

The patio of this house is absolutely stunning and you can actually access it from all the bedrooms in the house. There's also a huge living room, a games room, a gym, and more. 

The pool is inside a glass room, so you can soak up the sun and get the full pool experience even while indoors. 

Carl Stepp | RE/MAX

It's a 40-foot lap pool, so if you like to exercise by swimming, it's perfect for you. You can also just chill and gaze out at the views from the windows. 

On top of the indoor pool and the lake, there's also a tiny fountain pond right near the front yard. It's got a bridge and a giant statue floating on the surface. 

It definitely makes for a majestic view when you're sipping coffee in your patio. 

Carl Stepp | RE/MAX

The house is listed for $1,450,000, so if you're in the market for a wonderful lakeside property, get ready to come up with the cash. 

Sylvan Lake House

Price: $1,450,000

Address: 25 Rustic Cres., Norglenwold, AB

Description: A stunning lakeside home that's got an epic indoor pool so you can keep swimming the whole year. 

Carl Stepp | RE/MAX

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